Headache Treatment

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Migraine Headaches can be one of the most devastating health problems that a person can have. The cause and effective treatment has eluded most doctors and their patients, allowing the continued suffering of millions.

Are you tired of the constant headache?

Are you tired of taking drugs all the time, only to have the pain return?

Are you tired of missing family activities?

Are you tired of having to go to bed trying to hide from the pain?

Most of all, tired of thinking you will just have to live with the pain?

At Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab, we strive to provide the best treatment options for migraine headaches and help give relief.

The causes of migraines are:

- Structure

- Allergies

- Improper Nutrition

- Electrical Pollution

- Abnormal Emotional Patterns

- Toxins

We treat our patients based on the triad of health using a ten step protocol

  1. Remove Nerve Interference
  2. Rebalance Electromagnetics
  3. Reset Adrenals
  4. Remove infective organisms
  5. Replace Enzymes and HCI
  6. Re-inoculate bowel flora
  7. Repair nutrition
  8. Release emotional blocks
  9. Allergy desensitization
  10. Remove heavy metals

Benefits of care offered at Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab

Best possible care for your problem

Using the expertise of three different professionals

A complete examination is performed to identify the underlying cause of your problem

Care designed to correct the cause

Affordable care, insurance filed for you.

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