The word "vasectomy" means the cutting of the vas deferens. This is a tube that allows sperm to become part of a man's semen. When this tube is cut, then sperm can no longer be part of the semen and the man becomes sterile, which is the desired effect of this procedure. Vasectomy is the simplest, least expensive form of permanent birth control.

The vasectomy is a procedure offered to patients who want the simplest, easiest and least expensive way to insure no further pregnancies will occur.

Not only is a vasectomy all of those things but it is also extremely effective. Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab takes extra care to insure that your vasectomy will be completely effective. We use three approaches to insure complete success.

  1. Cut the vas deferens. This is performed when any doctor performs a vasectomy. We take the extra step of removing an 1 cm length portion of the vas deferens so that the ends can never line up again.
  2. Suture the vas deferens. Sutures are then placed on the cut ends of the vas deferens. This ensures that no semen ever finds it's way to where is shouldn't be.
  3. Cauterize the ends of the vas deferens. This is an extra step that we take to insure that there is never an issue once the procedure has been performed. Most doctors that perform vasectomies do not take this step but we feel that it is necessary to insure exceptional results.

This is above and beyond what is performed usually when you receive a vasectomy. These three procedures, when combined, will make it so there is no chance of pregnancy ever again.

When you make an appointment to receive a vasectomy, we will sit down with you and explain the procedure in detail. We will answer all the questions that you have including the repercussions of the decision that you have made. You will then make an appointment for the actual procedure. Usually you will schedule your vasectomy on a Friday. In that way you can rest over the weekend and be ready for work on Monday.

On the day of your procedure your appointment will take approximately an hour. Your vital signs will be taken, local anesthetic is used. There is no pain at all in the procedure. And it is usually done before you know it.

After reading this information, you will probably have additional questions about the procedure. All of these can be answered during your first visit.

Schedule your appointment today to learn more about this procedure.