Skinny Shot

Lipotropic Injections

Lipotropic injections—also called lipo injections, skinny shots, lipotropic MIC injections, or lipotropic B12 injections—are a combination of ingredients administered by needle injection to increase fat metabolism and boost wellness. Often used by people trying to lose weight, the shots are generally combined with a program of diet and exercise to produce weight loss.

What do they do?

Lipotropic substances are that affect fat metabolism. The injections are a combination of lipotropic substances that help improve the breakdown of fat in the liver. They will not do the work of weight loss by themselves, but when combined with a program of healthy diet and exercise, they may help to promote reduction in body fat.

What is in a Lipotropic Injection?

These injections have been used to promote metabolism, boost weight loss, and increase energy, so there are few different formulations, however, there are some standard ingredients in most lipo injections.

  • Vitamin B12-(cobalamin) is sometimes called the energy vitamin. This water-soluble vitamin helps to keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy. It also helps to prevent a form of anemia that can make you tired and weak.
  • Methionine-an essential amino acid that plays an important role in metabolism.
  • Inositol-is a vitamin-like natural sugar related to the B vitamin family. Inositol helps to metabolize fat and may improve insulin function in the body.
  • Choline-is an essential nutrient that is related to the B vitamins. It is responsible for lipid (fat) metabolism and transport and has other jobs in the body related to cell membrane structure and other functions.

Because most injections contain the ingredients above, they may be referred to as MIC (methionine+inositol+choline) injections. Depending on the formulation and purpose, they may have some other vitamins, amino acids, and minerals added to the base MIC compound.

How it works

The Lipo injection is given IM (intramuscular), usually in the hip. This injection combined with a healthy diet and exercise program, can help to decrease body fat. Decreases in excess body fat is beneficial for cardiovascular health, energy levels and overall wellbeing.

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